Graduate School of Management

Enhancing competitiveness and diversity within Western Australian industry through research and engagement.

Enhancing competitiveness 

CEMI - The Centre for Entrepreneurial Management and Innovation

Unlocking the Power of Ideas

Exceptional managers turn ideas into successful enterprise by embracing innovation, and executing pragmatic strategy.

CEMI helps managers excel by creating an environment where ideas are subject to the rigor of applied research, and innovative strategy is forged in partnership with industry.

CEMI achieves a culture of innovation by bringing together three core programs: research, industry partnership, and education in a single integrated entity.

By creating the Centre for Entrepreneurial Management and Innovation (CEMI), the University of Western Australia’s Graduate School of Management (GSM) has established a major resource for managers and entrepreneurs seeking competitive advantage through innovation.

CEMI is a key part of the GSM’s vision to be recognised both nationally and internationally as a centre of excellence for entrepreneurial management and innovation.

CEMI seeks to provide a focal point for research, education and industry outreach programs that will help managers from both large and small organisations better prepare for the competitive pressures in the global marketplace. While disseminating its research through internationally respected scholarly journals, CEMI also communicates its findings to managers through user-friendly, interesting reports, which they can use to improve the way they do business.

Working With Industry

“Working with industry to get a thorough understanding of the challenges they face in a rapidly evolving arena has been a real challenge.”

Natasha van Heemst, Research Assistant and MBA graduate researching the Western Australian digital content industry for the WA State government. Since 2002, CEMI has completed 16 research projects with industry and government partners.